Thursday, 10 October 2013

As we work in a 1:1 iPad school we decided to deliver all of our courses through iTunesU. I also created a course with resources for staff and one for the library. The library course has lots of information about local libraries, GoodReads, Apps for getting free e-books and audio books, links to author websites and loads more.  I have divided each of my tech classes into the five units, a section on assessments and a section with the MYP tech outline. In each unit students will get an introduction to the course, they will then have work for every lesson and homework set on iTunesU. Here I can also upload any useful PDFs, video tutorials, websites and other documents. Most of them are full of tutorials for the different apps we will be using as well as links to the students' homework in Google Drive. I really love using iTunes U and know the students love it too. It also helps that all students are using it across the school, as students are very familiar with it. Although you need a code to enroll we happily let parents enrol on our courses, so they can see exactly what the students are doing in class and for homework and get access to all the materials to help support their child. Every time you make an update it pushes through a notification to the student, this is very useful when sending reminders, such as letting students know we are going on a trip, have a test or they need to download an app. We also save useful websites in the course, as well as log in details for places like BrainPop!

If anyone would like to take a look at any of the iTunesU courses or wants to find out about setting it up, feel free to message me on here or on Twitter.

More details about iTunesU here.