Friday, 11 October 2013

Google Forms and GTA Application

I'm still working on my application for the Google Teacher Academy, but have finished my video. It is on Motivation and Learning andI have decided to focus on Google Forms. I think most videos made by other applicants are about Google generally, but I wanted to focus mine down to one of the many tools I use. When I receive training I enjoy getting practical tips and suggestions for something I can work on straight away - something more focussed, like one Google App. When I deliver training I also like to focus on practical tips - this is why I have decided to focus on my video just onto Google Forms, as I can give examples of how I apple them to my teaching.

I am also working on a research project at school with another teacher. We are going to be using Google Forms at least once a week for every class we teach as part of their homework. This will help us flip the classroom, but will also help us increase student homework participation and also increase the quality of the work. We will be able to compare student work side by side and use the forms for peer assessment. Each form will also have a question allowing students to express any issues or areas of concern they are having. I will post more on this project as we move on with it - we are just in the stages of drawing it up right now.

Wish my luck with both the application and the research project!