Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Word Taboo

I made this game of Word Taboo for my Debate Club. My Debate Club are a group of highly intelligent, wonderful students...however they do not have the best communication skills. As they are very bright, they have tons of ideas, and have difficulty not talking over each other. I created this game to help combat that!

If you are not familiar with taboo the rules are very simple - the class split into teams  - one student sits in front of the whiteboard/TV, so that they can not see the screen. A word and an image pop up on the screen, along with a few other 'clue words'. Students on that team must try and get them to guess the correct word, but they must not use any of the clue words. They are also not allowed to leave their seats, to shout, to point, to do voices, to sing songs or to mention any names at all, (this includes places and people)! The teams not playing must help moderate and must look out for cheating! I usually give students 30-40 seconds to guess the word.