Friday, 22 November 2013

Debate Club UPDATE

Debate club has been really successful!

Recent motions include "This house would legalise cannabis" and "this house would enforce child curfews" and "This house would ban violent video games."

We now have so many members that we will have to have two debates each week and four teams!
Next week the two debate topics are "This house believes that university should be free" and "This house believes you should have to take parenting classes before you can have a baby."

I am organising a whole school debate, with eight teams. All eight teams will take part in two debates in the morning, but only half will make it through to the afternoon. In the afternoon we will have a semi-final, followed by a final, viewed by the whole school, including parents, the board and teachers. Students not involved in the semi-final will be writing up reviews and creating videos for our schools new TV channel!

Wish me luck!