Friday, 15 November 2013

Product Design

My Product design module is going very well - the students seem to love it!

Students started off by researching different charities and pitching them to their class. Each grade then voted on the charities they want to raise money for. Grade 6 will be raising for Great Ormond Street, Grade 8 for Stonewall and Grade 9 for Cancer Research UK.

The next lesson students learnt about Pinterest. They first watched this video:

Students then created their own Pinterest page, using the school's email address and started pinning to get ideas. They also followed each others boards and my Product Design board. The grade 6s did a slightly different task, as they are not old enough to have a Pinterest account yet.

The next lesson students pitched their ideas to the class. They had to pitch three ideas, and had to include how many they could make for £10, how much they would sell them for, how they would make them, who would buy them, etc. The class then voted on the products, selecting what other students would make. We had some fantastic ideas ranging from plushie tacos to bath bombs with plastic dinosaurs hidden inside of them! 

The next stage will have students planning their product and creating it. We will then move on to advertising and creating campaigns to raise awareness of our three different charities. Students will also be making a few products as a class. In December we will have an open day for parents, where students set up their stalls to sell their products. There will also be a stall for the products students have made as a class - these will include dinosaur and lego brooches, hair combs and pompom headbands - I'll post some photographs once we have a few more made!

I am loving this unit before and am excited to show you some of the fantastic things students make.
Grade 7 are working on creating music videos using claymation. Currently they are designing their set and story boards. I'll post photographs as we progress!