Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hour of Code

I will be teaching coding to my grade 9s tonight for part of HourOfCode! I am very exciting. I'll be using the resources available on as I can track student progress. Also I think because it uses characters they are familiar with, such as Angry Birds, they will enjoy it! I will obviously start the lesson with this fantastic video:

Tomorrow we have the fabulous Kuato Studios coming in to work with our grade 7 and 8s on coding, using their app Hakitzu Elite! They will be shooting a video of our students too - because my students are the best!

Next term I will be doing a whole unit of coding with grade 7 and 8. To fulfil the design requirements for MYP IB Technology students will be designing lessons and tutorials for others. Grade 7 will teach grade 6 and grade 8 will teach teachers! We will be looking at different learning and teaching styles. I am pretty sure the grade 7s will use Hakitzu to teach grade 6, as the game is right up their street! Grade 8 might use a different kind of app to teach teachers!

ALSO I will be teaching my 7 and 11 year old brothers to do a bit of coding over Christmas - I will experiment then with Hopscotch for my youngest brother Tommy.

In the new year expect to see lots of reviews of this apps and websites!

I'm excited to hear what everyone else gets up to for HourOfCode too!