Thursday, 19 December 2013

How Do We Learn?

I have been working on my iTunesU courses for next term. Grade 7 and 8 will both be doing a whole unit on coding. They will not only learn how to code, but they will teach coding. A massive part of the unit is trying to get students to use different teaching methods, to suit different learning styles and to keep the lessons interesting. I created this video to give them a very basic understanding of some of the different learning styles. 

As a class we will also discuss things like needing print outs or listed instructions, how different fonts and colours can help people with Dyslexia, and we will discuss how we know when we work well with another person! We will also look a stereotypes in learning - (mostly in relation to women in STEM/women coders).

The enrolment code for my iTunesU courses will be posted on here soon and I am doing my best to make them public. If you ever want to have access to my course as a course manager, so you can change and adapt them to suit your needs, just drop me an email or send me a tweet.