Monday, 13 January 2014

TES Resources

Following on from my last post, I have tried to change the way I am writing my lesson plans completely. At my school we deliver our courses through iTunesU. In here I have all my lessons, but they are written with the intended audience being the student. I know exactly how I will teach each lesson and have the resources within the course, but if I share it with another educator, they might not be able to bridge those gaps. I have now started writing out my lesson plans in full, using the different points from the 5 minute lesson plan, including 'The Big Picture', "Stickability' and 'Key Words'. Although I do fine without these, I find that it is useful for me having the key words written out.  I also know that if I want to re-teach a unit in a few years time, it will help me having the full lesson plan. 

Most importantly it helps me to share my resources with fellow educators.

I had taken a bit of a break from uploading resources onto TES, but I am now back! Have a look at my lesson plans for my Coding Unit Here and my lesson plans for my BBC School Report unit here

Here are some other lesson plans, posters, resources, etc that I have uploaded in the past.
They aren't as detailed as my new lesson plans, but they should still be useful!
Feel free to change/adapt these as much as you want. Some of these are from 2/3 years ago, so probably need some updating! If you use them, please leave a comment or rate them.

Thank You