Monday, 10 February 2014

The Day Debates

I have recently taken up a subscription to The Day for our school. This is a fantastic resource and hopefully all subjects will start to use it. Our English teacher does an activity every week where students respond to a news article, so will hopefully switch to The Day. Subjects will use articles relating to their subjects in class. The French, Spanish, German and Italian translations will not only be used in languages lessons, but to support our EAL students. Lastly I will start basing all my debates for Debate Club on an article on the day.

This is an email I sent out to Debate Club members about this week's debate.

"This week we will have the motion "This house believes it was wrong of Lego to introduce Lego Friends."

Please read this article before Debate Club:

There are loads of additional articles on sexist toys and Lego's introduction of Lego Friends online - if you want to do additional research this will help you!

Some extra reading:




Campaign: Loads of fantastic resources


I would be very keen to hear how other people are using The Day. Please tweet me @missedutton with your suggestions!


Chatted a bit to Skype at BETT, but only just had a chance to check out their new education site. It looks so exciting, and allows you to take part in various Skype activities form field trips to author events. I am really excited to connect with other classes and have create an event to try to hook up another Debate Club with my own...
If you are interested, the information is here: