Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cardboard Challenge

This term Grade 8 are taking part in our own Cardboard Challenge. Inspired by the film Caine's Arcade, students will design and make their own arcade games and they will organise, promote and run an event. Students will create posters linked to recycling, asking students and staff to donate any cardboard packaging. Our room will be decorated, with cardboard decorations too! Students will also look at the business element of the arcade - how many tickets should people be able to win? What prizes should be on offer? How much should games cost to play?

Today we watched the following two videos:

After students put themselves in small groups and started discussing ideas. They were buzzing with excitement and students worked through the break sketching out ideas and discussing the practical issues of their games. In the next lesson students will be working on a presentation to show off their initial ideas. Their homework will be to create a poster advertising their unit, the videos and asking for cardboard donations! I will get them to also write notes to go out in a school wide email and a parent newsletter and they will also plan a film screening! Students will aim to raise money for the Imagination Foundation, so will also make promotional material for this.

This unit is very exciting and pretty much runs itself! I am excited to see what they will produce and will show off their creations here!

If anyone else is running a Cardboard Challenge, let me know, as we would like to partner with some other schools- possibly through Skype?