Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cardboard Contacts!

I am new to teaching technology. I have worked as a librarian in my last two schools, primary and secondary - both state schools, but I am now the Digital Librarian and Technology teacher, at an International School in the heart of London. Technology has helped me connect with educators across the globe, helping me to be supported and giving me constant inspiration! I posted a bit on here and Twitter about the Cardboard Challenge I am taking part in and have been sent a couple of cool things within a day!

Firstly the Inspiration Foundation are hopefully going to be connecting me with a school in America who are also doing the Cardboard Challenge. I am hoping students can share their ideas via a Skype call!

Secondly Ed Charlwood sent me a link to this Design Modelling site - It has some great ideas for using cardboard and is exactly the sort of resources I need.

If anyone knows of any other great technology / design and technology blogs, please send them my way!