Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Featured in The Day

A couple of people from The Day came to visit us and wrote this fantastic blog post about the debate club at my school. In truth we use The Day a lot. We have the Thought of the Day sent out in our morning notes email, students write a opinion piece/response to an article in their English class once a week and we often use articles to support different lessons, especially PSE! I also try to use the articles when I am getting students to do research or if I am getting them to practice their referencing skills.

It’s 3:25pm and the end of the day at the Halcyon London International School, an innovative young school offering the International Baccalaureate in the heart of London. But rather than rushing off home, students are flocking excitedly to a breezy room at the top of the building for their debate class. There’s noise and grins all round as classmates arrive, with friendly rivalries exchanged and past triumphs recounted – ‘We’re gonna beat you this time, Scott!’ – but within minutes the chatter is replaced by a quiet, determined focus on the debate of the day: ‘This house would make food technology compulsory in both primary and secondary schools.’

Read the rest of the article HERE.