Tuesday, 18 March 2014


So I am coming to the end of the staff personal learning projects. Myself and Ms. Dance have been doing a project using Google Forms. I'll post a round up of the things we learnt after we have presented to our colleagues. Just as we are coming to the end Google launch Add-Ons and I discover Flubaroo! Doh!

Flubaroo is a great tool which marks your Google Forms for you! Obviously this means you can't really have Google Forms where students give lengthy answers, so I would not use it for assessments, but it is great to check that they have watched a video properly or learnt the key facts from a unit. I am going to create a lot of information literacy, library and research skills forms, as well as some silly trivia forms. I am also going to definitely use it to help me flip the classroom, and probably place videos right in the form.

Flubaroo not only marks your forms for you, but it can tell you the average score, highlight students with a low score and it will even email all participants for you! AMAZING.

Here's a Flubaroo video to explain how it works:

Also I've made a quick Google Search Form just to test our Flubaroo. I would really appreciate if you could spend five minutes to fill it out.