Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Google Eductor - Docs&Drive Level 2

Yesterday I passed the basics course to become a Google Educator. I then spent the afternoon/evening revising and took the Level 2 exam on Docs&Drive. The revision tools were really useful, but did repeat themselves a bit. Also some of the videos are a bit out of date, as Google is constantly updating its tools - even some of the terminology has changed.

 Overall it was extremely helpful and I wanted to point out two particularly good videos.

Hate Grading Essays a Little Less with Google Forms

I have been doing a personal learning project with another teacher all about the use of Google Forms in our classrooms. We have used it to flip the classroom, give feedback on products, reflect on trips...and now I have just moved onto using it as tool for self assessment. Before this video I was putting screen grabs of the rubric into the form, then having text questions below. Now that I have watched this video,  I will use the grid style! There are lots of little tricks and tips in this video and I can't wait to watch more. I have even signed up to Google Gooru's newsletter - so should be receiving lots of rad Google ideas via email from now on!

Google Slides

When I started playing this video I was a bit hesitant and thought it wouldn't be so good. The video is delivered with quite a flat voice, but there is still enthusiasm there. There have been a few things which have bothered me about Slides/Presentations and I really thought there was no way to animate objects on a page. I only discovered the transitions between pages recently and thought you could only do this through setting a time when you publish! I also knew about the different places you could search for images (Google, Life and Stock Images], but haven't played about with it much since. After watching this video I feel inspired and will be making some awesome presentations, with picture backgrounds, found from life, mad transitions between screens and animated objects. Be warned - I might go a bit over the top!

I have four more courses to complete before I am a Google Educator. I'll post some of the other great videos I discover during the lessons.

P.S. I spent the whole afternoon studying and only realised as I went to take the test, that it would cost me money. Although it is only $15...its really $75, as you have to take five tests. I am currently paying off university fees for both my degree and masters, my laptop fees, saving up to move house...and also living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, so was a little disappointed by this. I was quite shocked that there was a fee, as Google is all about the free sharing of information. I also believe that there shouldn't be barriers to education. I know that a lot of people won't be able to afford it, even when pay day rolls around - especially teaching assistants and librarians. I hope that Google reconsider this fee and scrap it! The fee is mentioned in the summary for the certification, but should be a little more visible