Friday, 21 March 2014

How to Use MoveNote

I went ahead and made a quick presentation...using MoveNote [my addiction this morning]

An email I sent to my colleagues about MoveNote this morning:

MoveNote is a fantastic tool which allows you to present your Google Slides/Presentations - along with a little video! I created a video to send to Emily, in Australia, this morning, to keep her informed about what we are doing in technology class.

I've also created a video showing the game taboo I play often with the students. The video is aimed at other educators and explains the different variations of the game too. This is fantastic way of sharing your resources and lessons with other educators! This tool is fantastic and I will use it if I am ever absent to help with cover work. You can either create a full video to present to the students when you are away - or even a video to talk through the slides to whoever is taking your class! You could even use it to show off some of the lessons you have been doing with your students, to parents! This might be useful too for languages, as you can give extra help with pronunciation! Or you could use it to give feedback to students or presentations they have created!

Other MoveNotes I have made this morning:

Touching Base with Emily in Australia:

For Librarians it would be great to provided training resources for students and staff, to introduce competitions and events, and to help students navigate different resources they use.