Friday, 28 March 2014

Little More AppShed Info

So my grade 6s are half way through completing their gothic apps. These will showcase the work they have done in both English and Humanities, and will include a glossary, a research piece and even an interactive map. I have been using AppShed to create the apps. It's a very simple and easy to use program and you can get a lot of support online, including through their Basic Course on YouTube.

Once again I have created some MoveNote presentations, to talk students/educators through adding maps and adding links to their app. Below the presentation there is a downward arrow - click this to download the presentation. Feel free to use it and to change it in anyway you want.

You can find the rest of my AppShed Resources on my TES Page. If you want any help, support or trips, or if you'd like to see the apps students have created, feel free to email or tweet me.