Friday, 21 March 2014


Experimenting with MoveNote! I added this to my Google Drive through the Chrome Webstore. This allows you to present your notes along side your Google Slides, and then viewers can download the slides! I have seen this style of video a lot on YouTube and thought it would be quite tricky to do. I thought you would make your first video screen grab, then add in an extra video on iMovie - it all seemed like a bit of a chore to me! BUT this is really easy!

I made a video to show how students added a map to their Apps in AppShed! You can download the slides from the link too!

[bad face! I am a bit poorly, so sound very nasal/grumpy-Sorry!]

MoveNote is super easy to use! Well happy. You just add it to Drive in the chrome

A bit sad that I can't put it on YouTube though - but I guess that is because it allows people to download a PDF of the slides I present.

I am now going to make a video for a student who is in Australia for three weeks - I'll knock up a quick slide to tell her about the work students have been doing and how she can join in from abroad.