Monday, 24 March 2014

Staff Personal Learning Project Reflection

At the start of the year we were tasked with doing a Personal Learning Project with a colleague. I partnered up with our wonderful art teacher, Sue Dance, to do a project using Google Forms to increase homework participation and quality.  [You can read a rather lengthy post about our original plan here.]

This video talks about the research project. I find it so funny to watch, because our use of forms as evolved so much since we started!

Our project evolved in multiple ways. Sue now uses the forms for reflections for trips to art gallery and self and peer-assessment. I use it for assessment pieces and for students to turn in work. Along the way we have used it for students to model good practice to each other, to reflect on class debates, to discuss their participation and responsibilities for group work...and everything in between!

Here are some videos I made explaining some of the ways I used Google Forms:

Google Forms for Self-Assessment

Google Forms for Turning in Work

At the moment I am just using forms for turning in work, for assessments (with the rubric thrown right in the form) and also for small pieces of homework, like responses to videos. I am sure however this will evolve too! The forms did help us meet some of our original aims, but through this project we have found a whole load of other useful ways to use them. We have also found that certain types of forms suit certain types of tasks and students, so we are using them if and when we need them.

Here is a video of myself and Sue explaining in more depth what we have done in this project. You can also download our slides by clicking the arrow on the bottom right after you have followed the link.

and lastly...a Stop Motion I made about Google Forms...where I tried to fit into one minute loads of different ways we use Google Forms - excuse the incredibly fast talking!

Please let me know other ways you are using Google Forms - and please highlight any new add-ons you have been using. You can leave a comment on this post, or send me a tweet.