Monday, 10 March 2014

Why Cite?

I was asked by our lovely Science teacher to help her grade 7s with creating bibliographies for an essay they were writing. The particular push they needed was to understand how to cite images properly. We use the MLA Referencing style, which means we can use EasyBib for FREE! I have an EasyBib tutorial video on YouTube, which sits in the students Library iTunesU course and has been sent out in school newsletters several times. We also use Britannica Schools and Britannica Image Quest - these give you the reference right in the article or next to the image! Easy Peasy!

I created a short presentation to try to explain some of the reasons we need to reference in a positive way. Far too often these sort of lessons tend to warn students off plagiarism and make students afraid to use other people's work, so I tried to move away from this, even showing them how to reference your own work!

Here are some screen grabs from the presentation. There is a link to the presentation on TES here. I can also make the Google Doc available to you if you want.

Hopefully this explains itself. There are a few sections which were meant to start a class dicussion, such as "how do I know if a source is reliable." At the end I created a bibliography, showing all the images I used. I refered to this bibliography several times in the presentation. I am also creating a bibliography for every presentation I deliver, to any grade, so I can lead by example!

Why Cite? TES

Again if you need any help with this, pop a comment on this article of tweet me.