Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Apps to Change the World

I am half through a English-Technology unit with grade 6s. They are creating Gothic Apps using App Shed. Here they can show off all the fantastic work they have done in English class, including their Vampire Survival Guide, Gothic Walking Tour of London, (an interactive map in the app) and more! At the moment they are up-to-date with their app in technology class and they are working on a piece of research work in English. Once this is complete students will add it to the app and present it to the class.

So that we have some activities to do in technology, we are taking a break from working on our app an we are dreaming up our dream apps! These apps are supposed to change the world! I am showing them apps that have improved my life and then I show them an app I have dreamed up, a pet for children who take medicine regularly.

Here is the presentation I am delivering to class. I created a MoveNote so that any students who are absent through illness or because of the tube strike will be able to stay on track!

Feel free to adapt the presentation for your own class. I am very excited to see the incredible apps my students dream up - what apps will your students dream up?