Friday, 11 April 2014

Easy Peasy Green Screen in iMovie 10.0.2

In my last school we had a dedicated green screen room, which had no windows and lots of very expensive equipment, (several computers and I believe the screen itself had glass in it). I wanted to continue using Green Screen technology in my new school but felt a bit nervous about setting it up, as I was worried about how difficult it would be, finding a space where you can control the light 100% and the cost. I did not need to be afraid! I bought a very cheap kit on Amazon and it has worked wonders! My room has glass walls, so there is lots of natural light, and also I haven't space to store my screen perfectly, so ti gets very wrinkled - however, this does not matter!

I've made a quick tutorial showing you some of my equipment and how to create Green Screen in iMovie 10.0.2.

Some of the things you can do in green screen:

Get students to use backgrounds  as settings for stories
Get students to use background to give you a tour, (museum, different country, virtual world)
Get students to create fake news reports, with a newsroom background
Create a virtual gallery with students talking about their art work
Create incredible photographs for your yearbook or for student work
Get teachers to create virtual lessons in front of the green screen
Use it to transport students back in time for history reports
Students can deliver their MFL work, while being virtually abroad!

Also, you don't need to drag a movie on top of an image - you can drag a movie on top of a movie! This means you can get students to create videos where they interview themselves!

This is my kit. It currently costs £115.99 on Amazon, and is well worth the cost!

I have the green screen set up in my room today, as one of our students, a keen photographer, is taking lots of fun photographs for the school yearbook! I'm thinking about keeping it up all year round and I am definitely going to get other staff members using it more!