Thursday, 24 April 2014

Go Back in Time with Google Streetview

I thought this was a really cool feature! I'm excited to see how the area I grew up in changes, (it was full of empty warehouses and factories, and is now a commuter area full of 'luxury' flats). I think this will be great for a history or citizenship project too.

I really do need to embrace Google Maps/Earth/Streetview more. 

I intend on doing a town planning unit with students. This is for next year, so I only have a couple of ideas at the moment. I think we will watch parts of the Culture Show's Lego Episode, observing how people use Lego in town planning and we will design and print 3D buildings to arrange on a map as a class. I wan to possibly bring Minecraft and Pi into it, and I will definitely bring Google Maps into it! I guess we could look at areas they are familiar with, new build towns, garden cities, rich and poor areas, etc.

I also want to use Google Maps to get students to chart famous locations from books and historical events. I want to send them on a Google Scavenger hunt too, where they have to find my specific landmarks, but also examples of waterfalls, desserts, etc. As we are an international school I want us to pin all the places our students have lived too! We want to embrace Google Hangouts and chat with students across the world, so we can use Google Maps to research where they are from too. I also want to run a content where I give students a checklist as clues to a certain area.

How have you used Google Maps in your classroom?

Christian Schett shared this link with me through Google+ A fantastic resource for using Google Maps in the classroom! Google are really working hard on changing their education pages, as the last time I looked it was not this beautiful or well put together!