Saturday, 12 April 2014

Lego Appreciation

I've been very busy at work, with writing reports, setting up our new library system, Koha, and sorting out the yearbook, as well as teaching, planning and marking! As always, I have a long list of things I want to do when I have the time - at the top of the list is to run a lego unit! I actually want to create a Google Drive folder with lesson ideas for various subjects, worksheets, videos, etc.  [Follow my progress here]. I have pooled together lots of Lego ideas on Pinterest, but want everything to exist in one space and one to add in lots of my own ideas! I have always loved Lego, so it seems like a no brainer that I should bring it into my classroom!

Although there are lots of lessons using Lego Mindstorms, I want to stick to running some brick based lessons. I might do a town planning unit, with students creating the different buildings, then as a group, organising where they go. I also want to run units where students create balloon-lego cars, create boardgames, create lego statues, create lego mazes and maps, create lego furniture and other homeware (pen holders, places to store keys)...and of course I want to make more stop motion animations with lego. I believe there are also lots of team building activities you can do with lego, so want to explore them in September with my new students.

I have a lot of Lego at school, including two large storage bricks and a storage Lego head, but need more! I want base plates, wheels, roof tiles and endless amounts of mini figures!

As soon as I have pooled together all my resources and ideas, I'll make the doc accessible for anyone with the link. Here are some pictures which have got me excited!

I've also been daydreaming about making my classroom a bit more Lego-y. I'm also moving house in June, so my boyfriend and I are planning to put some Lego into our new home!  I'm currently bidding on lots of base plates on ebay!

Also wanted to point out the Lego Education site. They offer school trips to Legoland, which include workshops, for students of all ages, from 5-18! I'm hoping to take students on a joint science and D+T trip next year, but am not sure which one - really I am spoilt for choice!

There's even a Legoland map for teachers!

Anyone I am totally in love and I am going to spend the day looking at Lego on eBay and Pinterest, swooning and dreaming of a Lego palace.

Play Well.

[Edit] Found some more Lego idesd on the Importance of Play page of the Association for Library Service for Children, including a resource kit for librarians.

Also - Here is the Google Drive Folder I am working on. I'll keep adding Lego Lesson ideas.