Sunday, 20 April 2014

Raspberry Pi Posters

We are down by the coast for the Easter Weekend and while it has been raining Rob has been making beautiful posters for me! I think creating a 'cool' brand can really promote something and this includes lessons - hopefully these posters will get students excited about our upcoming Pi projects!

My first unit is going to be on Sonic Pi. I'm going to teach students to code through Pi and eventually they will make their own composition and possibly a group/class project. This is the first poster Rob created and the little character is based on me! Excellent!

Rob made a variation where a teacher, librarian, code club leader, etc can fill in extra details, for example if someone is going to run an after-school club with Sonic Pi. We also created a white poster, as it might be a bit easier to print:

The next poster Rob made was an informative one labelling the different parts of the Pi:

and lastly a poster about designing your own case. We have one where you can add in extra details too, for example "Pick up a template from Ms. Dutton" or "Competition deadline May 31st." There are loads of templates for cardboard/paper cases online, including this one.

You can download A3 PDFs of the posters by taking them from my Google Drive Folder HERE.

Visit Rob's website to see other great things he has created here.
and of course, support Raspberry Pi!

P.S. This is my 100th entry! WHOOP WHOOP!