Friday, 16 May 2014

Edible Cinema - Jumanji

Yesterday grade 7s hosted an Edible Cinema for the grade 6s!

We started this unit before the holidays, with each student pitching a different film to the class. They had to say why their audience would like it and give examples of the food they could prepare to compliment the film. In the end Jumanji won the vote, (one of my favourite child hood films). We worked hard on creating a menu, and actually had to cut out loads of great ideas, because we wouldn't have time. Students also create all the labels to go with the different food/drink items, as well as the signs that would be held up to tell people when it is time to eat.

Here is our final menu:

Jumanji Menu

1. Jumanji is buried in the mud- Chocolate Mud Milk
Milk, Cocoa Powder, Sugar and Vanilla

2. Alan finds Jumanji - Edible Soil
Chocolate cookie crumbs and vegan gummy worms

3. “Alan is chopped up into bits” - Vegan Jerky
Shredded spicy vegan jerky

4. Monkeys! - Banana Chips
Dehydrated banana chips

5. The Mosquitos try to break through the car glass - Popping Candy
Watermelon and Apple Popping Candy

6. Stampede - Popcorn
BBQ flavoured popcorn

7. Alan Cuts the monstrous Plant - Edible Yellow Slime
Passion fruit pulp, with a lime and orange pulp

8. The Hunter falls into pots of paint - three layer jelly
Strawberry and raspberry
9. Monsoon - Flavoured Spray Mint and Vanilla flavoured blue water

10. “JUMANJI” - Sour Sweets
Sour Sweets to suck you back into the game

Lots of the food we made our selves and some we bought, like the vegan jerky, which we put on a bamboo stick and tucked into a little box. Some of the food was prepared the day before, including the edible soil, vegan gummy worms, jelly and the passion fruit pulp. Other foods we prepared during the lunch break, before students joined us in the hub. We are in a shared site, not a purpose built site, so we don't have a kitchen suite, we just use to the kitchen our chef uses, so we have to make sure we don't interfere with cooking for lunch, only take up a little bit of fridge space and work in a very small space together - we still manage to make rad food and all the students worked well together.
Students also found an 'animal party blower' to blow every time the hunter shot his gun! The day before after cooking we had to cut out all the labels and prepare the party box and various cups-the class had an awesome production line going and did so much work in such a short time. I am very proud of the event the students created, how creative they were and how well they worked as a team.

My favourite foods:

Edible Soil - Crushed chocolate cookies, in a plant pot, with a little soil sign and a vegan gummy worm.
[We made the worms by cutting bendy straws and putting them in a container so they were tightly packed together.  We then poured vegan jelly into them and left them over night. When you squeeze them out they look like perfect worms, the bendy part of the straw really helps. Have a look here for an example.

Vegan Jerky - this was eaten when the pet exterminator comes round to look for bats and tells the two children about Alan Parish's disappearance and says rumours were that his father had murdered him and chopped him up and hidden him in the walls of the house. This was supposed to taste like little bits of him...sounds a bit strange, but the students loved it! Also we are a vegetarian school, so I think they were intrigued by the vegan jerky - it was delicious

Stings - Students had the popping candy during the scene where the huge mosquitos were trying to break into the car - the popping sensation worked very well with the buzzing sound from the film.

Sour Sweets - We actually had Toxic Waste and sour cherries (for those feeling less adventurous). These were eaten at the end of the film when Alan wins Jumanji and all the animals and the hunter from the game are sucked right in! Having the sour sweets made students suck in too.

and here are some photos...