Friday, 9 May 2014

Green Screen Ideas

My students helped me create this video full of ideas for using the green screen. We tried to cover lots of different subjects. The ideas covered are:

-Transport to exotic places
-speak in front of a large audience (cinema, gig, political campaign audience)
-Get close and personal with a famous person, (political, historical, celebrity, etc)
-Take people on virtual tours of galleries and museums (or place your own work in a virtual gallery)
-Explain coastal erosion by showing someone
-Visit dangerous places like volcanoes
-Perform on stage
-Set a dramatic piece in a location of your choice
-Take people on a language trip
-Show objects you are describing in another language
-Transport people to famous locations
-Visit impossible places, like a different planet
-Visit fictional lands from the book you enjoy
-Explore lands you have dreamt up
-Get close to incredible technology
-Step inside a sports stadium
-Commentate on sporting events
-Make yourself really big
-Make yourself really small, (so you can explore inside the human body)
-Show people real world maths
-Have fun!

See my earlier blog post for more ideas and a tutorial showing you how to use the Green Screen in iMovie here.