Thursday, 1 May 2014

How I Innovate In My Classroom for Positive Change

Royalty Free Song "The Owl Named Orion," from Dano Songs.

I had lots of help from students on creating this video - they helped me improve my script, pick out the best photographs and gave me some fantastic ideas!

"At my school we innovate by providing every student with the tools they need to achieve, by easily letting them find, share and create information. My classroom is innovative in that it is more of a maker-space, with a green screen kit, resources for robotics and electronics and for everything from knitting to stop motion animations!

We innovate by giving students power over their learning. They work collaboratively on Google Docs, and can use this to provide peer feedback and support. We use a range of Google Add-Ons, including Flubaroo to quickly mark fun tests or to check students understanding.  We share docs, so that even absent students can be included in lessons.

Our lessons fit into a wider global context and we use Videos, Presentations and Forms to raise awareness of Global Issues, we connect globally through hangouts, on air and virtual field trips and we share resources with other teachers and students across the globe to help them innovate too!
Since teaching using Google I have seen students become more accountable for and proud of their work. Google has transformed our classroom."