Thursday, 22 May 2014

IB Learner Profile Super Hero

I am running a short unit with my grade 6 and 7 classes where they design a superhero who exemplifies one of the Learner Profile Attributes. This will lead to students making a mini comic about their superhero. I may also adapt the unit next year so that it leads to posters or maybe even to creating a short video. As I am focusing on creating the comic itself, it works well as a technology unit, but could also easily work as an art or English unit, so I may suggest it as an interdisciplinary unit next year.

I have created this presentation and this worksheet for the first lesson. I've also created a MoveNote explaining exactly how I teach the class, so that it is easy for you to use in your own classrooms. In the MoveNote I also show off some of my students fantastic work and ideas and also show you how to create a mini comic book using one A4 sheet of paper.

I am new to the IB, so this year has been a very steep learning curve with getting used to the IB philosophy and also the lingo! This is helping me to really get to grips with the Learner Profile!

Please feel free to download the presentation and worksheet and use them for your class. You can change them as much as you like too!