Friday, 2 May 2014

Library Website [Google Site]

At the moment I am building our school library site using Google Sites. I really like how it looks at the moment, but we want to jazz it up a bit and make it look more like our school site. I need to also subscribe to a few databases and archives. The video I made above is to show the board members,  head of curriculum and head of communications - I figured it would be easier for me to create a video talking about the features of the site, instead of waiting to get everyone together in one room.
The site has information about research skills, including advice for finding free-to-use/royalty free music and images, avoiding plagiarism and referencing properly, it also links to tons of archives, databases, news site and places to find educational videos. All of these features are free and if anyone would like to take them to use for their own site or for teaching please do so! There is a section in our electronic resources area with the places we subscribe to, but apart from that, everything is open access, free to everyone, and yours to take!
I've made the site a bit fancy and interactive by adding in some gadgets, like our school Book Club's Good Reads widget and I've added in a few video guides and tutorials. My aim is to get students to create videos to go onto our site, so a lot more of the content is student led too.

The only other area I really need to build on is the database and archive area. At the moment I have many links for general, science, humanities and art. I am going to add a separate page today with useful websites too, starting with Technology sites like Instructables and MakeZine. Today I am also going to create a Google Form to send to staff asking them if they have any websites or databases they would like to add to the site.

If you have any examples of great library sites or want to give me some tips or suggestions, please comment on this post or contact me through Google+ or Twitter.
When the website has been improved and developed further I will make another blog post to show off the progress!