Monday, 9 June 2014

Sneak Peak

I feel refreshed, motivated and excited for the new year. Here's a little sneak peak of some units I am working on for next year.

Exhibition Stand
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Students will design an exhibition stand for a city of their choice. I might modify this and choose a city which struggles with attracting tourists or I might just choose somewhere I have been and love, which I think the students will also enjoy! I might change this and get them to create an exhibition stand for something else, maybe to show off some sort of product, or maybe even one about our school!

Christmas Window Display

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I will get students to create a Christmas Window Display for a very blank item, (maybe a plain white t-shirt). During this unit we will visit the Selfridges Christmas Window Display! We might even make this themed, maybe 'Christmases around the world' or 'Christmas in the year 3000' or link it to the Christmas text students are studying.

Roller Coaster / Theme Park Design

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I am not ashamed to say I have always loved playing Roller Coaster Tycoon and Theme Park World, (and Theme Hospital of course). I have lots of ideas for this unit. I may give students a ride each/a few rides and they must create the theming for the area, including activities for people to do in the queues, props, restaurants and even audio. I also might get them to design the coaster from scratch, or any ride of their choice. During this unit I will get them to listen to some of the How Stuff Works Podcasts/read the How Stuff Works articles including one about the creation of the Disney Haunted Mansion and another about Roller Coasters!

Paper Theatres

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Here students will design and build paper theatres, including backdrops and characters. I may even get them to perform! This will hopefully be an interdisciplinary unit with English and Drama, though I might start off small and get students to design for a well known fairy tale. I will hopefully take students to visit Pollocks Toy Museum, as they have an incredible collection of Paper Theatres

Town Planning

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If we get a 3D printer I would love to do a Town Planning unit. Students would design individual buildings and we would work together to design the town. This could be a really fun unit and could link with the humanities civilisation unit! I could also incorporate this sort of design into the Theme Park unit!

I also have a few unit ideas using Lego, including a Stop Motion Project using the StoryStarterKit and a 100 Brick Challenge, (see my Lego Ideas here). I will also be doing a food tech unit with some of the younger students where they cook Ration Recipes. Of course I will also repeat some of my favourite units from this year.

Watch this space!