Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Biography Lesson with Lego - Part Two

A Thing of BEAUTY!

We have two Grade 6 classes so were able to incorporate Lego into our notability ranking exercise for this Grade 6 lesson.

This time Mrs. Jones have assigned each person a colour. This meant we could stack our Lego Bricks to show who we thought was most and least notable. Yesterday were students silently reflected and then discussed as a group, which means they might have changed their mind during the discussion or not really made any solid decisions at the start. Using Lego meant that we could see that all students were on task and it also aided easy comparison. I think students were much more likely to stick to the original opinion, instead of just going with the opinions of the rest of the class, though many changed their order after discussion. This method actually promoted some really good discussion and students started to think about why people would have chosen different answers and they also noticed patterns.

This afternoon both grade 6 classes will be presenting a coding app or website in Design class. At the end of the class we will vote on our favourite apps and websites using the brick technique!

Here's a quick video with more explanation and some other ideas for using THE POWERFUL LEGO STACK! You could try it with getting students to vote, show their personal preference, create timelines from scrambled events or even help them put things into a logic order, for everything from numbers to development stages of a frog!

[Note: I have 'dog hair' today]

Oh and just for balance...here are some of their incredible Gandhi biography scenes!