Thursday, 11 September 2014

Google Classroom Issue

I came back las night after a busy and tiring school residential, feeling sickly and worn out. As the wifi at our centre was broken I was unable to look at a piece of homework my grade 8s had done. Eagerly I went onto Google Classroom, only to see this:

 0 students had completed their homework - I was devastated!
  Actually I assumed it was an upload problem, as a few students were having issues with this, as you have to text search Google Drive for a folder you want to upload, you can search for it, by going into folders!
I immediately emailed students reminding them to upload it.

Straight away one of my grade 8s emailed me this:

I went straight into my 'Classroom' folder in Google Drive to find that my wonderful grade 8s had not failed me, but that everyone of them had done their work!

We are some of the first people to try Google Classroom and we often discuss ways we would improve it. As a teacher I also share my 'teacher view' through screen shots, or on my Apple TV and also have them share theirs. Students know that Google Classroom is new and developing, which not only gives them more patience when something goes wrong, but excites them, as they feel it is quite a privilege to be one of the first guinea pigs!

Also Google Classroom is not perfect yet, but we can see what it will be able to do and are very excited about it.