Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Board Games

Students have almost finished their survival board games and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with them! Last week students sat either side of a long table and would spend 4 minutes with the person opposite, showing their games, explaining the rules, asking questions and filling in an evaluation form, (I used the TAG* system for this). One side then moved along, so that eventually each student had shown their game to half the class. This 'speed dating' style show and tell worked really well, and let me embrace their chattiness! At the end we had one of our liveliest and most positive class discussions about their creations.  Students then selected four games they wanted to play and then rotated from table to table trying out the four games. During this time the games creator stayed with the game, so they could guide the players. This really was one of the most fun lessons I have taught in a long while and it was pretty much student led...meaning I got to try out the games too!

Here are some photos of their survival games:

During this game you had to get to the present day. You had two dices, one related to 'eras' and one related to spaces. You'd move through various historical times, missing a turn for catching the plague or learning strange facts about the Romans. I loved this game and it was highly educational and fun. Also the pace of the game was great and you could quickly go from being in first place, to last place, then back to first place again! 

This game had students visit all different eras of a globe, collecting cards and learning about different places. The student had bought a metal globe and created magnetic pieces to go onto the different continents!

This was a role playing Zombie game, set at our school. You could collect weapons and health points, but often had to battle zombies, (I think Kenny Mutton may have been based on me, Lenny Dutton). Zombies and weapons had damage points and you had to role a dice each to see who attacked first. When you made it to the school door you had to draw a card and go on a special mission to another part of the school, to find a tool to help you escape. This was very clever and I have encouraged this student to make it again, using a computer, and a few improvements, so we can have a copy to play in the library!

This was a very stylish game all about survival skills. This two played game had you answer multiple-choice questions about survival in order to move forward. Students loved this game, because the questions were interesting and challenging.

I was very impressed with the variety of games made and the creativity and intelligence that went into them! This week we will have a chance to see a few more games, then students will be working on an evaluation. 

T = Tell them something you like
A -=Ask a question
G = Give a question