Sunday, 2 November 2014

Connected PenPals

I love Connected Classrooms and Skye Classroom, but so many of the classrooms I want to connect with just don't work out because of time differences. Has anyone tried a digital pen pal approach? I would love to work with another class and send each other short videos daily. These could be used in my advisory group and would really help my students feel connected to people on other sides of the world. You could either go for the 'Guess where I am in the world' approach - each day sending clues and questions - similar to long distance chess...or you could simply talk about important issues in the world, share cultural stories, etc.

Send me a Tweet if this is something you would be interested in?
I teach Grade 6-10 students and have an advisory group made up of a mixture of age groups. We'd happily work with younger students and am happy to link you up to our Mandarin, Spanish or French classes.