Sunday, 2 November 2014

Google Art Project

Google Art Project is another fantastic tool created by Google which many educators are unaware of. GAP allows you to properly view art from all round the world - but properly I mean you can view art in fantastic detail, you can also see how the work is exhibited and you can also learn more about the work and the artist.

You can search for incredible works of art and you can zoom in to see them in amazing detail!

You can see collections curated by Google, users and by museums and galleries.

You can create your own galleries! This would be incredible for students looking at a certain movement or for creating galleries of work that have inspired them. 

You can see the work in the galleries and have a look at the work exhibited along side.

This tutorial shows you how easy the site is to navigate - I show you some rad art too!

I think this is incredibly powerful and allows students to see work they wouldn't otherwise see. I remember having a sketch book full of badly glued in, badly printed images, with badly scribbled annotations and can see how this would instantly solve those issues, and could have made my GCSE art work more compelling! Art Project allows you to see the work properly, in a way curators have chosen to display the art and in incredible detail - students can create their online galleries and can even use them to create presentations, where they describe the work and why they like it. They can also take you around their favourite galleries!

I think this site is incredible and has a huge amount of potential. I am not an art teacher, merely an art enthusiast, so I am sure they can see even more ways that it would be useful! The Project is on-going and I am hoping more and more galleries will submit work, (my favourite painting, An Experiment on a  Bird in an Air is not on there yet). I also hope that they add some features to make your user gallery look like a physical gallery and maybe some features to allow you to record gallery tours!

Google Art Project is one of my new favourite tools and I could happily spend hours playing on it!