Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Gamify Your Lessons with KAHOOT!

I've been bending lots of ears about Kahoot recently, because I love it...and so do my students!

Kahoot is a fantastic website which allows you to create multiple choice quizzes, which can then turn your classroom into a quiz show! Students can use any device to take part in the quiz and there is no sign up.

I use it at the end of a video or lesson to check for understanding. I also do fun general knowledge quizzes or quizzes linked to the unit we are doing. I have had students submit facts through Google Forms which I turn into a quiz. Students are making them now, for presentations, to deliver information about events and just for fun!

I have been a tad poorly recently, so excuse my croaky voice!

I full intend on using Kahoot at a few conferences/training sessions I am speaking at soon. You have been warned!