Monday, 15 December 2014


Geoguessr is a fantastic website which turns Google Maps into a game. You will be dropped somewhere on the map of the world, (though you can also choose others maps, like one of London, Europe or Famous places) and you have to guess where you are. We tend to use this in our advisory group as a team building and communication game, but you can use it in subject specific ways too:

Geography: Use landscapes and climate to guess where you are or you could further explore the places you land afterward playing the game as a research exercise.
English: Get one student to justify the reasons they think they are in a certain place using persuasive language before making your guess
Art: Get students to do a quick landscape acitivity, painting the different places you end up
Drama: Do a hot seating activity based on the places you go.

As a librarian I am going to use it as a starting point for a research activity, with students finding out as much as they can about the area they end up in.I will also just use it as a quick game at the start and end of my lessons, for a little fun and to improve students approaches to learning, mainly communication.

Give it a go - Students love it - and it's a lot of fun!