Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Grade 9 Puppet Theatres

It's the first day of the holidays I am busy marking Grade 9's Puppet Theatre project and writing reports for every student in the school. This may sound like a horrific first day off, but it is actually massively rewarding. Our school is in its second year and writing reports is making me reflect on how much our students have grown and developed as learners over the last year. The puppet project ended up taking a whole term, instead of half a term, because students missed a lot of lessons due to trips, so I am well and truly ready for the unit to be finished, (and I am sure the students feel the same). I am going through their finished videos now and marking them before writing their reports, and they are incredible!  Students were tasked with creating a story using the Global Context 'Personal and Cultural Expression'. Enjoy this playlist with some of the videos: