Monday, 12 January 2015

Sharing is Caring - Resource Lists

I know most librarians create LibGuides on a web page, but I have created most of my resource lists using Google Apps for Education. This means I can make copies for other librarians and educators and it also allows me to easily edit them from any device, anywhere. In the future I can also share them with others to collaborate on. Please feel free to make copies of the lists below and please make suggestions for things to add!

The News
This list has news sites from across the world, in a variety of languages. The list includes independent and government owned sites, as well as national and local press. I have also tried to include news sites from around the world that are in English. I think it is important to have students access this information so when they can get many global perspectives on an event. I also hope it helps students feel connected to places they have lived before and helps them with the language studies or to maintain their mother tongue. This list is obviously something which could grow and grow and I will continue adding to this over the next few months!

Databases and Archives
Some of these need passwords to access - the passwords are on a separate document and you must have a Halcyon Log in to access them, but there are plenty of links which don't require log ins. This includes everything from World Bank Data to the National Archives. I will be working on growing this list too, so that it contains archives and databases from across the world and to support all subjects and topics!

Video Learning
Anyone who knows me knows that I like too be busy and I am always multi-taking. I find that learning through videos helps me a lot and I am sure it can help my students, mainly because you can do several things at once. I like to watch these videos while I cook or get ready in the morning, and through them have learnt all sorts of strange things from the ways frogs see in space through to why we are ticklish! I often use videos for homework or to kick off a lesson and have found this list invaluable! I recently shared a Crash Course video about the Great Gatsby with a former student and they loved it so much, that when I shared this list with them they became extremely giddy!

Educational Games and Apps
This started off as a list of games, but because so many apps are games, it grew and grew. I have been trying to use gaming more in my classroom and have been having a lot of success with Kahoots and SimCityEdu. This is the list I am focussing on the most, as I have been reading a huge amount about the benefits of gaming in the classroom and have been seeing the impact it can have first hand!

Hopefully those are useful for everyone.
Please let me know if you have any great resources I should add!