Sunday, 17 May 2015

#UKEDChat Project Based Learning

I hosted another #UKEdChat on Twitter on Thursday - this time it was all about Project Based Learning. I was thrilled to see how busy it was and was glad to heard about all the PBL success stories. Still disappointed that many are tied down by their curriculum or the leadership at their schools and are not allowed to do much PBL.

The questions for the evening were:

  1. What is project based learning?
  2. Google’s 20% time in schools – (How can/) Should schools give students dedicate time to work on independent projects?
  3. How can we support project based learning, while allowing our students to remain independent?
  4. How does technology benefit project based learning?
  5. How can staff benefit from doing their own research based projects in schools?
  6. What are some examples of some outstanding student and teacher led projects you have seen in your schools?
#UKEdChat Storified the evening. You can see that here.