Saturday, 3 October 2015

Comment Bubble

I have a new favorite tool! Comment Bubble!

Comment Bubble allows you to upload videos and add five buttons for people to press while watching the videos. They can also pause the video at any point to write comments on what they are seeing. It charts viewers feedback in a handy graph at the bottom. The simplest way of using this is to have 'hate' 'dislike' 'not interested' 'like' and 'love' buttons (the buttons are customizable), and to use it the same way a market researcher would, or someone working behind the scenes on a political campaign!

To see how it works, watch my "10 Amazing Robots That Will Change the World" Video.
Another neat thing is that you can either have it so anyone can answer anonymously, like in my example, or you can have students create a log in, so you can record who is writing what. I've also made a "Top 10 Modern Young Adult Books (and Series)" version.

Comment Bubble has a lot of potential. If you use it for potential you could use it help students collect and receive meaningful feedback on work they have produced. You could even use controversial videos or videos on current events, getting students to add their opinions at home, then discuss the results in class.

You can also step away from putting opinions and have them do something like look for literary devices, having buttons like 'alliteration' and 'rhyme', with students having to try and tap the button every time they hear an example!

You can even use the feedback as more than just a discussion point. At my new school the math team will be doing a unit about statistics, focussing on bullying, and can collect student opinion through Comment Bubble to analyze.

If you use Comment Bubble, let me know how and why (and send me a link!)

Lastly - you may have noticed that I have been using American spellings...this is because I live in America now, (Atlanta, Georgia)... YeeHa!